NYC's Low-Income Renters Are Freezing--Daily Beast

NYC's Low-Income Renters Are Freezing
January 26, 2015
The Daily Beast
by Kevin Zawacki

The city’s crooked landlords frequently leave tenants without heat, often causing illness and unplanned bills.

When the heat fails in Keisha Jacobs’ Brooklyn apartment during the winter months, discomfort is just one of her troubles. The frigid temperatures create a spiral of aggravation and unplanned bills that can mar the entire season.

Her two-year-old daughter might fall ill from the cold, Jacobs told The Daily Beast—and ailing kids aren’t welcome at daycare. “They don’t want the other children to get sick,” Jacobs said. “And if she’s not at daycare, that means I have to have another arrangement for child care. And that ends up costing.” READ MORE for the rest of the story.


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