Voice: Tenant Blacklist to end (well, no, not completely)

Note: Tenant attorney James Fishman, in response to this article (below) expressed the following reservations:
The short answer is no, the blacklist isn't over. The OCA (Office of Court Administration) continues to provide a daily electronic feed of all new cases and updates on pending ones. While the feed will not contain the tenant's name (and the addresses were stripped out several years ago) it's not hard to match the index number to the tenant's name via the public access computer. Unless and until OCA stops providing the electronic feed to the data companies it will still be in this. Unfortunately, doing this piecemeal, (stripping the names and addresses) only makes it harder for us to push for complete elimination of the feed.
So, in my view this is just window dressing which gives OCA cover from charges that they're harming tenants. They're still harming tenants. Although the blacklisting problem would not disappear even with the end of the data feed (because the data companies would monopolize the public access computers to get the data) at least it would remove OCA as its prime enabler.
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